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Slovakia is a minute wine region located on the northern limits of an economically sustainable viticulture. Its terroir is one of the most heterogeneous in the world, especially the factors of climate, soil and topography. A plethora of grape vines contribute to the diversity of Slovak wines. Traditional varieties cultivated in the Carpathian Basin since Middle Ages, are either indigenous to this region (e.g. Veltliner, Frankovka / Blaufränkisch, Furmint, Lipovina / Hárslevelű), or were brought during crusades, or by Cistercian or Benedictine monks (arguably Pinot and Traminer), or by Bavarian, Italian and other settlers since the beginning of the 13th century and later (Sylvaner, Riesling). It is believed, that Yellow Muscat (Muškát žltý) is one of the most ancient extant varieties in the Carpathian Basin, probably brought here from the Mediterranean. Slovakia disposes of a handful of original new crosses - varieties "designed" to match Slovak terroir. Devín, Breslava, Dunaj, Nitria, Hron, Váh, Rimava, Rudava, Torysa – they are all products of the famous vine genetist, Mrs. Dorota Pospíšilová, as well as of many Slovak vine growers and winemakers involved in their testing and introduction into practice. The wines made of these varieties attract the attention of wine connoisseurs and enthusiasts thanks to their originality and quality. They follow the fame of wines traditionally produced in the territory of today's Slovakia, particularly described by the Hungarian polymath of Slovak origin, Matej Bel, as early as at the beginning of 18th Century.

Editio Vinifera®Editio Vinifera® is a limited product range of wines from traditional varieties and new Slovak cultivars, vintage and non-vintage. All wines of our viniferous edition are produced of grapes coming from vineyards of renowned Slovak vintners. They are all result of a joint venture between Slovak vintners and winemakers with the oenologist Edita Ďurčová. Cuvée Tradition is a line uniquely allying great classic varieties in a certain time and place.

Cuvée(s) named after new Slovak crosses epitomize the interaction between Slovak singularity and Centro European authenticity confirmed during centuries. 

"We are looking for harmony and individuality. We try to create sincere wines with a distinctive sense of place and an unique character. The common feature is the typical style Editio Vinifera®: finesse and freshness, discreet floral aroma and pure fruit flavor, subtlety, elegance and an overall harmony." (Edita Ďurčová)

2% of the EDITIO VINIFERA sales are destinated to support creative activities of mentally challenged people.

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